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A temazcalero will lead you into a traditional Mayan sauna where the heat of the stones and the darkness of the lodge will begin the cleansing process. This powerful ancient Mayan ritual is enveloped with physical, mental and spiritual stamina; guiding a person to face their counterpart and reconnect with oneself.



Sound bowls or gong baths date back to ancient Tibetan times and open a psycho-active entry point to heightened states of consciousness. The emited sound waves travel to the core of our cellular system where healing frequencies may be absorbed.

Yoga Classes


Ayurveda combines the complementary healing practices of aromatherapy and asana to unblock chakras and reach hormonal homeostasis. This combination balances the autonomic nervous system and brings an enhanced energy flow to the mind and body. Breath counting is the optimal addition for higher quality sleep and mental relaxation.