Located in beautiful Tulum, Mexico. Our property offers luxurious accommodations within an immersive space built in harmony with the surrounding nature. Our goal is to create a magical experience for our guests that allows them to leave their getaway feeling recharged in all aspects; mind, body, and soul.


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Private Luxury

Villas in Tulum

Book your own private villa within our jungle oasis for your next Tulum getaway. Inspired by the local Mayan culture, our villas are curated and designed to represent a unique element in every home (Earth, Water, Fire, Air)

Consciously built


Inspired by the natural beauty of Aldea Coral, our villas are decorated with traditional mayan stone and palapa thatch roofing. Our structures redefine sustainable architecture using just fifteen percent of the allotted land, conserving a vast majority of the local flora and fauna.



A journey not just to relax but to understand life’s broader lessons. A place to sit in silence, breathe and revise your way forward. Pay homage to your past, connect to the future, and delight in the present moment.

Built For


Experience ultimate privacy free from outside noise and light pollution. With over 100+ on-site amenities and services, and 3 unique event spaces, Kaaba Luum is the perfect property for your next retreat or event.



Inspired by the natural beauty of the Mayan Jungle, our project seeks to show what is possible when humanity lives in harmony with nature. Our hand-built construction redefines sustainable architecture, conserving a vast majority of the local flora and fauna by building within the nature surrounding it.



Welcome to our wellness oasis - where you’ll experience the perfect balance between healing and adventure. Indulge yourself in a variety of healing modalities & spa treatments. Zipline through the Jungle, tour around the local ruins, or watch newborn sea turtles on the protected Xcacel Beach.